About us

REMEX Ltd. located in Bialystok is a renovations and services company specializing in welding and assembly in the field of thermal energetics, dairy and food industries but also performs renovation and investment works in the water and sewage management as well as in the construction industry. The company deals with securing steel and reinforced concrete structures from aggressive factors.

REMEX Ltd. closely cooperates with Elektrociepłownia Białystok SA and conducts renovations and modernisations of ash and slag removal devices, water and sewage management devices as well as performs construction works. We currently employ 60 people who are certified specialists in the field of welding, assembly and construction chemistry. Our company is developing rapidly as the profits are allocated into the purchase of equipment and investments.

The quality of our services is confirmed by the constantly increasing number of Clients and the ISO 9001 Certificate granted by the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification. Furthermore, we have the Office of Technical Inspection (UDT) and the Transportation Technical Supervision (TDT) licenses for performing repairs of devices subject to these entities. The company currently works closely in the field of repairs, maintenance and investments with companies such as: Elektrociepłownia Białystok S.A, MPEC Białystok, Wodociągi Białostockie, Przedsiębiorstwo Wodociągów i Kanalizacji w Ełku, Mlekovita Wysokie Mazowieckie, Mlekpol Grajewo, Spółdzielnia Mleczarska w Mońkach, SWEDSPAN Polska, LSA Białystok, Energomontaż Bełchatów.

REMEX is constantly developing. For the last 20 years we have worked hard to establish solid market position whilst ensuring the creation of permanent and fruitful cooperation with our business partners. The constant increase of competence, investment in machinery and attention to punctuality makes us able to provide the Customers with the highest level of service.


We welcome all the positive feedback on our business activites.
It is a signal that we effectively follow market needs and serve our Clients well.

Wyróżnienie - Skrzydła Biznesu 2013
Remex -Wyróżnienie - Skrzydła Biznesu 2013
Wyróżnienie - Diamenty Forbes 2014
Remex - Wyróżnienie - Diamenty Forbes 2014
Gazele Biznesu 2011
Remex - Gazele Biznesu 2011

Explore our offer

Having many years of experience, applicable licenses and certificates, modern machine park and qualified staff makes us able to deliver comprehensive range of highest quality services with relatively short deadlines. Our objective is to completely fulfill our Customers’ expectations and requirements.

Installation and renovation works

  • complex service of investments
  • construction and assembly of boiler rooms
  • assembly of thermal substations
  • manufacturing and installation of steel structures
  • renovations of water and steam boilers as well as pressure tanks
  • renovations of hot utility water installations and central heating installations
  • assembly and renovations of compressed air installations
  • legalisation of ammonia safety valves with technical acceptance by UDT
  • renovation of stop valves, regulatory and safety valves
  • assembly and renovations of water treatment stations
  • costruction and renovations of sewage treatment plants
  • type 304 and type 316 acid resistant steel constructions
  • heat insulations of pipelines, ducts and tanks


  • steam and heat networks
  • vacuum piping networks
  • type 304 and type 316 acid resistant steel pipelines
  • heat insulations
  • pipelines assembly from pre-insulated pipes (Miedzyrzecz, Lublin and others)
  • PE pipes butt welding
  • pipes bending (up to 76 x 6.3 in diameter) - UDT certified
  • PE, PP, PEHD, PVC complete installations


  • repairs and conservation of tanks for the UDT revision
  • anticorrosive protection of tanks
  • tanks repair and renovation
  • PE, PP, PEHD tanks manufacturing
  • steel tanks manufacturing

Welding works

  • rapair arrangements - UDT certified
  • revision and servicing of boilers - UDT certified
  • renovations of water and steam boilers
  • pressure tanks repairs - UDT certified
  • cast iron spray powder welding with Castolin products (exhaust collectors, combustion engine blocks)
  • aluminium and aluminium alloys walding (Castolin products)
  • welding works - UDT license for repairs and manufacturing of welded and bent pressure equipment

Ventilation and air conditioning

  • measurements of the dynamic condition of rotating components
  • rotors balancing of ventilators and blowers (using own bearings)
  • alignment of pump units
  • balancing of blowers

Structure renovations and construction works

  • turnkey projects
  • reinfoced concrete structures
  • manufacturing and installation of steel structures
  • assembly and renovations of water treatment stations
  • construction and renovations of sewage treatment plants
  • flaws, cracks and leaks injections in concrete structures (Remmers, Ombran products)
  • concrete structure modern security technologies (Remmers, Ombran products)
  • horizontal and vertical bulkheads in construction structures, expansion joints (Ombran, Remmers products)
  • construction works, roofing and flashings
  • thermal insulation and lightning protection assembly

Surface cleaning and protection

  • sandblasting of concrete and steel surfaces
  • wet blasting
  • corrosion protection
  • compressed air tanks sandblasing, wet blasting
  • hydrodynamic painting
  • oil contamination removal (powder, water and dry methods), cleansing
  • working at heights (mountain climbing techniques), high-pressure washing and cleaning (400 bar)
  • surfaces and structures protection using intumescent fireproof paints (Flame Control System by AFC)

TDT Repair and reviews

  • manufacturing and assembly of loading and unloading devices for hazardous substances
  • manufacturing of pressure parts
  • preparing concrete pumps for the TDT revision
  • repairs and repair arrangements of concrete pumps in compliance with TDT
  • assembly and maintenance of UNO instalations for handling corrosive materials and fuels in compliance with TDT
  • repairs and repair arrangements of UNO instalations
  • preparation of documentaion in compliance with TDT
  • repairs and repair arrangements of cement trailers in compliance with TDT
  • inspections and repairs of fuel tankers and silo trailers

Certificates and licenses


Throughout twenty years of doing bussiness we not only gained experience and satisfaction of job well done but also a substantial number of pleased Customers. It is because of Their remarks, suggestions and close collaboration our company can constantly improve and develop.


  • REMEX sp. z o.o.
    ul. Bitwy Białostockiej 6/1
    15-103 Białystok
  • +48 85 653 89 96
    +48 85 653 89 96
  • +48 85 661 14 08
  • NIP: 5421002660
    REGON: 050286925
    KRS: 0000024226
  • 00000242260000024226
    Bank Millenium I oddział w Białymstoku
  • Work hours:

    Mon. - Fri.: 8.00 - 16.00
    Sat.: 9.00 - 17.00


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